We still prepare Dragobobs and other meats with the same recipe that made us famous; and it still wows customers new and old.

Take a look at the different products we offer. Dragobobs are available year round. Ćevaps and Sausage are made at select time of year when demand presents itself.


The dish that made our name! Dragobobs are juicy cuts of pork seasoned in our secret family recipe which enhances the deliciousness - creating a "party in your mouth." The perfect dish for grilling, sautéing or baking.

Recently we introduced a chicken breast shish-ka-bob that has been a hit with customers. They are marinated in similar spices to the original - you definitely have to try these with your family and friends.



Ćevapćići, better known as ćevaps (cheh-vops), is a skinless sausage mixture of succulent beef and pork.  A delicacy from the “old country” and one of our personal favorites!  

Ćevaps can be prepared and served in several different ways. Whether served the traditional way or simply used as a substitute in a sausage dish, ćevaps are sure to be a hit at the dinner table.



Fresh Polish (Croatian Style), Italian and spicy Italian sausages are available at various times throughout the year. Our flavor combinations offer a unique take on these popular favorites.