Dragobobs Shishkabob Meats Protega Chicagoland

Our family owned business Originated in Chicago's Hegewisch Neighborhood in the early 1980's when founders Drago and his wife Zorica purchased a little convenience store.  

Over the years, the business became extremely popular and well known due to a simple, little, secret recipe for shish-ka-bobs, which awakens your taste buds with unique and distinct flavoring that creates "A PARTY IN YOUR MOUTH."  

In time, our fans appropriately named this shish-ka-bob after the Creator and founder - Drago. Instead of saying Drago's Shish-ka-bob, our fans quickly began using a hybrid of the two words creating our Trademarked name: "DRAGOBOBS"  

The term "DRAGOBOB" is synonymous with quality and integrity.  Many businesses and people try to imitate but can never replicate this well-guarded, secret family recipe. 

Today the product is not available at the small family business, which was known as "DRAGOS" but is still available to the public.

One avenue to obtain the Real Original DRAGOBOBS is to visit one of our authorized retailers or through Direct Manufacturer Purchases via pre-orders.